How to Ensure You’re Getting the Most Out of Your Cleaning Services

How to Ensure You’re Getting the Most Out of Your Cleaning Services

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As residential and commercial home cleaners in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New York City, the experts at Neva Home Cleaning know clean. We believe that quality is the most important part of our service and strive to always meet our customer's expectations.

If you’re considering hiring a residential or commercial cleaning service in Brooklyn, Manhattan or New York City so you can enjoy your free time, you want to ensure you’re getting what you pay for. Here’s how to know that you’re getting a trusted, quality cleaning services.

Home Cleaning Services

For many of our clients, we provide relief from the burden of home cleaning, ensuring they always come home to a clean space. Our clients are busy and want to stay focused on their families, careers, or other important parts of their lives.

Here’s our checklist for ensuring your home is spic and span.

By examining the following areas of your home post cleaning, you can get an accurate idea of how clean your home is. Check out each area to ensure it hasn’t been missed by your home cleaner.

Surfaces in the kitchen
Floors all over the house
Dust on different surfaces around the house
Marks on a glass or mirrors
Toilet and bathroom
Smell of cleanliness
Tidying up and Organizing

After your cleaner has completed the job, your home should smell clean, be organized, in order, with no trash in the bins (everything should be taken out).

The floors are the biggest indicator that shows right away if the place was cleaned thoroughly or just touched lightly. You should be able to walk through your home in white socks, keeping them clean from start to finish. 

Beyond checking the basics of surfaces and tidiness, check under and behind appliances and furniture, all corners and baseboards.

Are the workspaces and living rooms organized? Are the beds made? Kitchen surfaces will show if only water was used to clean countertops and cabinet doors.

A few questions you can ask your home cleaner are:

  1. What degreaser or soap did you use for the kitchen areas?
  2. Which cleaning supplies did you use to mop the floors?
  3. Did you disinfect the toilet?

If you want to get the most out of your home cleaning services, it’s important that clients estimate the required time to complete the job with the good quality properly. Clients should be honest about how long their homes may take to clean and be fair to a cleaning company when booking the cleaning appointment. For a clean home with 100% client satisfaction, it matters how much time your cleaner has to complete the work. 

Office/Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to office and commercial cleaning services, a quality cleaning job promotes a productive and healthy workspace for employees. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your office cleaning service, Neva Home Cleaning has outlined the most important things to look for.

For offices, the most important things to note are:

  1. the bathroom
  2. kitchen space,
  3. surfaces that accumulate dust, including blinds, and
  4. trash cans

These are the aspects of an office that ensure employees don’t feel distracted by clutter or mess while maintaining dust-free workspaces to reduce allergies or breathing issues. 

If your cleaning services are not hitting the mark at your home or office in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New York City reach out to the experts at Neva Home Cleaning. Our home cleaning services include Basic Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Move In & Move Out Cleaning, Filthy Cleaning and Post Construction Cleaning.

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