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Get in Touch with Neva Home Cleaning Services in Brooklyn, NY for filth cleaning services for your home in Brooklyn, Manhattan & NYC.

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Please let us know in advance that your apartment is in filth condition. Only trained people can do this kind of work and we should be aware of the condition of the apartment. Sending the pictures will help us to estimate the work better. Nor Basic not Deep Cleaning can be booked for this kind of condition. We reserve the rights to leave the place if you book basic or deep cleaning. We send minimum 2 people to clean the place. We don't provide flat rates for filthy cleaning. Every apartment is unique and can't be evaluated equally. That's why we ask as much time as possible and cleaners will do their best to make it fast and clean. Hourly rate is $75 per hour per person.

When the apartment is qualified for Filth Cleaning:

  • The apartment was not cleaned for years
  • It's cluttered in every corner with stuff and trash
  • The odor from your apartment goes out and neighbors complain
  • Kitchen cabinets and stove are yellow because of grease
  • Walls and floors are sticky​

Cleaning ladies will bring the necessary cleaning supplies. You are welcome to set a maximum time you allow them to stay to keep the service within your budget.

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