Post Construction Cleaning in Manhattan, Brooklyn & NYC

Get in Touch with Neva Home Cleaning Services in Brooklyn, NY for cleaning of apartment, home post construction. We provide the efficient house cleaning services across Brooklyn, Manhattan & NYC.

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Post Construction cleaning of entire apartment.


  • We assume that the apartment is empty and all the construction work is done. No workers are allowed in the apartment during our cleaning. 
  • Construction dust is everywhere: on the walls, ceiling, small gaps and notches, so please note that still it will be dust after the cleaning for a few weeks.
  • Let us know in advance if you have paint, putty or other specific marks and stains that have to be removed.
  • We do provide cleaning supplies except the vacuum cleaner and stepladder.

For post construction cleaning we offer flat rate prices. If the apartment is bigger than 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, please let us know square footage of your apartment. Also please inform us about extra rooms in your apartment or if it is a few-storer house. We will give you the estimation according to this information.

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