How To Clean Your Apartment On A Budget

How To Clean Your Apartment On A Budget

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Everyone wants to live in an organized and cozy apartment. Some regularly clean it themselves to achieve a sparkling finish while others consider professional cleaning services. They use various equipment and cleaning supplies to maintain a clean workspace and comfortable living environment. This prevents you from getting drained at the end of the day and gives you more time to focus on activities that interest them.

Customers are typically willing to spend between $60-100 for home cleaning services, depending on the size and condition of their apartment. However, if you want a tidy and hygienic apartment without putting a strain on your wallet, Neva Home Cleaning has put together a few tips and tricks to clean your apartment on a budget.


Clean the kitchen surface and all the dishes.

Clutter and dishes on the kitchen counter can take a tidy time and make it look messy in no time at al. After preparing a meal, clean your kitchen surface with warm, soapy water. You should also wipe your utensils and keep them organized. Avoid keeping appliances or dishes on the surface, and instead put everything in their respective cabinets, shelves or throw away items that are no longer in use.


Get rid of germs in the bathroom.

The bathroom accumulates the most germs, and each spot deserves special attention. Work your way from the cleanest to the dirtiest. You can spray the toilet, faucet, corner shelf, etc., with a preferred cleaner or disinfectant and then use a microfiber cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt or spots.


Get those floors sparkling.

As the largest surface area in most homes, a dirty floor can mask an otherwise clean apartment. The most effective technique to get rid of dirt and debris on your floor is by vacuuming or sweeping it. To leave the floor spotless and shiny, follow up by mopping the entire area.  


Make your bed.  

Making the bed is a simple, yet effective task to keeping a clean appearance at home. When you make your bed, you give your room a finished and appealing appearance. If you make this a daily habit, it encourages you to keep the rest of your room neat and even leads to increased productivity.

Clients can skip this step or do a light touch up of the bedroom and focus on common areas such as kitchen, bathroom and living room, which take up most of your time cleaning.


Take the trash out.

When it comes to maintaining health, safety, and cleanliness in your apartment, you need to not only place trash in the right container but also make sure you regularly dispose of garbage. By emptying your trash bins, you eliminate the horrid odor and prevent bacteria or germs from collecting around your bins.

For those living in an apartment, make sure to clean it at least once a month to support cleanliness and organization. If cleaning is kept pending for a while and not carried out regularly, budget cleaning will fail to work for these types of apartments. These homes will require deep-cleaning which is more thorough and time-consuming than regular cleaning.


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