Just Keep Going!

Just Keep Going!

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The situation with coronavirus has affected all spheres of people's lives and businesses. I must say Neva Home Cleaning is no exception. We had been waiting for the seasonal upswing in cleaning business that usually comes in March or April after slow winter period, however, the situation turned to a pandemic that shut down businesses and normal life in New York.


I can say that I saw something is coming, following the worldwide news, but I could not see that it would be in that way. I was shocked when I got 10 and more booking cancellations per day. Then silence fell. I got no single call or email from our regular customers or prospective customers. Now I have a hope in my heart that life will get back on track. No doubt, it will take no one or two months to recover, but still there is a hope.


Because of strict rules - staying home, keeping distance in public places, and limiting contact with other people - my cleaning business has been hit hard. Over April and half of May we struggled to maintain work during coronavirus epidemic. There were customers who were willing to book our services, nevertheless, the number of customers decreased significantly. Some of our regular customers have supported my business and cleaning ladies; they kept paying us even we were not coming to clean their places. Their help allowed us to survive.


How will this pandemic generally affect residential cleaning in the future?


Currently this situation seems vague to me: some people work from home and do not need extra help, others leave city, and many people just have lost their jobs and are not able to afford cleaning services. All these factors will affect activity and consumer purchasing power in the future, and could be reflected to residential cleaning industry. Neva Home Cleaning has to be prepared for decreasing of cleaning work volume and the number of appointments. Meanwhile people are adapting to this situation and they are learning how to manage new reality. This factor gives us hope for bright future. We are aware of the virus might never go away. That is how important to keep our apartments and houses clean to prevent spreading the virus. I expect that customers will postpone their bookings of cleaning services for uncertain period. And one day we will see things finally getting back to normal around here.


What do we do now and how do we work? Neva Home Cleaning works in compliance with local temporary ordinances: its cleaning ladies keep appropriate distance on their way to customer's place as well as during the cleaning process in client's apartment; cleaning ladies wear masks and gloves. Extra hygiene measures are the top priority of Neva Home Cleaning: before entry a client's place, cleaning ladies disinfect their hands and change masks. After they entered the house, they put their work clothes on. After that they are ready for working.


Neva Home Cleaning uses regular cleaning supplies for cleaning works. Multi Surface Cleaner-disinfectant that works perfectly against viruses is used to disinfect all surfaces and the most touchable places in apartments and houses. The most important thing is that a cleaning lady, if she is sick, doesn't come to customer's place


We all hope after New York returns to normal life there will be great demand for Neva Home Cleaning services.