Common Mistakes People Make When Booking Cleaning Service

Common Mistakes People Make When Booking Cleaning Service

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Cleaning a living or a working space can be taxing and time-consuming. Not to forget that even after devoting many hours to cleaning, the results are never satisfactory.  

Hiring a cleaning service that is well-equipped with the best strategies to clean your space and leave it hygienic and tidy. Due to the lack of proper knowledge, people often make mistakes that don’t prove to be cost-effective even after availing of the services. 

To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Neva Home Cleaning has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when booking a cleaning service. 

1. Not describing the condition of the space properly 
The most common mistake the customers make booking a cleaning service with Neva Home Cleaning is describing the apartment’s condition as standard when the apartment needs a deep cleaning, sometimes even heavy condition cleaning. Why does this happen? Firstly, they genuinely don’t understand the condition and lack time to read the services described on our website. Secondly, normal cleaning is more affordable than deep cleaning or heavy condition cleaning, which allows consumers to save money. If the described condition doesn’t meet the details and description, Neva Home Cleaning Team has the right to leave, or the services will be converted to the actual condition. Booking the correct service will prevent price change. To avoid this mistake, the customer can always call us and get a consultation from Neva Home Cleaning Team. 

2. Not booking the right services for their space 
The second common mistake customers make is to book move-in or out services for an empty apartment or a house when the place needs post-construction cleaning. In this situation, customers assume that the move-in/out service will fit perfectly if the place is empty. Unfortunately, it’s not true. Post-construction cleaning is harder, more detail-oriented and a time-consuming process. It requires special tools/cleaning supplies to remove paint, putty, and tape from the surfaces. It is essential to book the right service because otherwise, the results may not be satisfactory. If the customers don’t know which service to book, it is always better to call us at 347.941.0888. 

3. Not specifying the total area that needs to be cleaned 
The customers must specify all the rooms and places they would like cleaned when booking the service for the entire property. The customers often don’t mention that they have a second kitchen (kitchenette), office, staircase, and sometimes even the basement with open space, laundry room, closets, etc. Every single area takes time to clean. Estimating the correct duration is essential to get the proper cost estimate. Customers are welcome to contact, email, or text us for a cost estimate. The website provides contact details. 

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Neva Home Cleaning.  

We offer home cleaning and maid service in Brooklyn, Manhattan and NYC, along with basic cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning, filthy cleaning, post-construction cleaning, carpet and rug cleaning and heavy condition cleaning.  

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